AI Crypto Trading


The best usage of AI can be seen in tasks that are very complex by their nature.

We have analyzed many market opportunities from a perspective of technological needs by the current economy, level of their maturity, information diffusion to population, popularity and many more.

The decentralized economy seems to be “The Next Big Thing”, similarly as the Internet had its boom 30 years ago. In that era internet companies’ market values were growing exponentially yearly and sometimes monthly. Something we observe in the current crypto market.

However, like any innovation, the inherent elevated risk is present, thus it has to be carefully and precisely managed from the very beginning of an investment.


With this challenge, we have developed a comprehensive AI system that is using tens of thousands of variables and provides probabilities and status of all major cryptocurrencies on the market, all that at micro time frames.

Via the development of complex AI BOTs, we have found a solution for crypto trading that is highly profitable, yet with minimal risk when AI is engaged.

Our AI robots are directly connected to a big investment fund and autonomously controls investment decision making at high frequency scale. As a result, significantly higher returns can be achieved compared to a “naive” investment.

The High Added Value of the AI approach is that Customers can stay on the safe side as AI BOTs are minimizing the risk of an investment 24/7, yet at the same moment, maximizing the profit.