AI Underwriting


In banks and financial institutions, UW is a department responsible for portfolio quality - making approval decisions about customers who are applying for loans - to decide whether to approve or reject them.

AIGEN team spent 5 years in a key position as head of UW in international financial institutions where our main mission was to build an AI Approval System. The objective was to achieve optimal decision-making → optimize the profit-cost ratio, cost efficiency and significantly improve process automation​.

Our mission was very successful as we were able to decrease the risk of the company by 30% by switching from semi-auto UW to fully automated driven by AI.

We achieved this result by many Big Data calls during the UW decision flow - to generate a profile of incoming customers. However, a major innovation was a new Machine Learning approach specifically developed for UW needs and constraints.


AI UW Methodology is based on a Ph.D. thesis of our own and the roots are coming from Byasian Theory connected to Logit function with WOE and Boosting Algorithms​.

This way we were able to be extremely flexible even in the case of lack of data or sudden market changes, like fraud or turbulent competitors' actions​.

Our Fully Automated UW AI Flow - UWAI - is a unique comprehensive tool that can significantly help to decrease risk costs, make decision-making faster, smoother, less costly, and more readable.

We are ready to deploy automated UWAI to any company which deals with decision-making processes of any kind where the right and fast decision is vital but hundreds of factors have to be considered.