AI Segmentation


To satisfy and understand customers it is vital to see their needs and behavior in the context of their actions, communication, social status and many more. 

These kinds of tasks are under an umbrella of Machine Learning Segmentation which allows seeing the broader context of customers​.

Once we are capable to understand to which group or segment customer belongs, we can start analyzing patterns and differences across customer groups. 

That will lead us to better communication and timing of services implying higher satisfaction on the customer side​.

As we spent many years developing scoring models, managing Underwriting, portfolios and creating segments, we observed that proper methodology for customer understanding​ can be vital for the next step in company's growth.


In AIGEN we decided to develop a Fully Automated Segmentation Tool Driven by AI - STAI - allowing understand customers and describe many hidden patterns that normally are never found.

STAI can be trained in a relatively short time and provides many depictive graphs and calculations about the company's profit split by segments of heterogeneous customers, checking time response in each segment, product preferences, and many more.

STAI also analyzes the time consistency of segments and provides insight whether customers are migrating across segments or even exiting the company.

We are ready to deploy and train STAI based on Your data in a friendly timeframe. STAI is an interactive tool allowing easily optimize or adjust results to achieve Your goals of customer understanding and satisfaction based on Your ideas.