AI Monitoring


During our engagement in financial institutions and scoring teams, we observed that many corporations are lagging of a good monitoring system.

However, lack of monitoring can be extremely costly and can lead to a significant disadvantage on the market.

Our team has developed an Automated AI Monitoring System - AIM - which is capable of self-learning all patterns and behavioral structures of given task.

Once AIM is trained it is capable to capture any significant deviation from the expected value and trigger proper action to inform about it without any delay​.


AIM is a general solution for many economical sectors. In other words, the only condition for AIM monitoring Your process is that during such process the data are being stored.

From banking and finance to medical treatment, heavy industry, or services, anywhere where data are being stored, AIM can be engaged and trained.

The construct is based on the Machine Learning methodology of Time Series, Outliers, Deep Decomposition, Stationarity and Cointegration and many more.

AIM objective is to provide the best of both worlds - maximum reliability and readability with minimal needs from user side.

We are prepared to deploy and set up AIM for your needs and processes. Based on our experience, most of the time the results and impacts on daily operations are way above the expectations of our customers.